Founded in 2018, we have a very simple mission - to be a voice for truth for the people of Kansas, and electing principled, common-sense, transparent candidates whose words and actions match.

The Chair of the Kansas Truth PAC is Kasha Kelley. Kasha, a former State Representative, had a long career of standing up for conservative principles while in the legislature. Our endorsements are governed by a five-member board.

Our principles are clear and involve a wide range of issues that are frequently before the Kansas Legislature:

#1 - Upholding the Sanctity of Life
We strongly support all the pro-life laws enacted in Kansas, including the 2015 ban on live dismemberment abortions. Furthermore, we believe no right to abortion exists in the Kansas Constitution.

#2 - Safeguarding Constitutional Liberties
We will robustly defend the Right to Bear Arms, the Right to Life, Freedom of Speech, and the Free Exercise of Religion. Additionally, we will defend the rights of Kansans under the Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and Tenth Amendment. We will work to safeguard against all intrusions into the constitutional liberties of the people of Kansas.

#3 - Advocating for Limited Government
We strongly support efforts to curb the growth of government, to repeal unnecessary laws and regulations, and in upholding states’ rights via the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. We support the core functions of government, including public safety, law enforcement, a well-maintained infrastructure, and protecting the most vulnerable among us.

#4 - Insisting on a Quality Education for All Kansas Children
We strongly support a child-focused approach to education policy, rather than a system-based approach. We support school-based budgeting and accountability measures to ensure underperforming students receive the support they deserve. We support expanding school choice, so parents and families can pursue new opportunities that best fit their child.

#5 - Balancing the Kansas Budget through Fiscal Responsibility
We support keeping the rate of growth in government spending equal to or less than the rate of inflation and population growth, eliminating unnecessary spending, and support policies which improve the efficiency of state government.

#6 - Lowering the Tax Burden for Families & Businesses
We support policies encouraging families and businesses to locate to and remain in Kansas. Therefore, we oppose efforts to increase taxes on Kansas citizens, and support exploring ways to reduce taxes, so Kansas remains attractive for both families and entrepreneurs. In addition, we support changes to the Kansas tax code that maximize the benefits of the federal tax cuts enacted in December.

#7 - Restoring Health Care Freedom
We strongly support the federal repeal of ObamaCare and oppose efforts to expand its reach in Kansas. We strongly support measures to repeal burdensome mandates and regulations, so premiums can be lowered, and Kansans can once again retain control of their own health care.

#8 - Protecting Traditional Moral Values
We strongly support preserving the core institutions that have made our country and state so strong – especially families, churches, and communities. We understand if we lose our culture and our moral values, we will lose our country. We support protecting these values and oppose efforts to undermine them.

#9 - Encouraging Transparency and Open Government
We support efforts to shine the light of day on the governmental process. We believe the public has a right to know how their elected officials are voting, the bills they are introducing, and their actions in committee and on the floor of each chamber. Additionally, we will support policies that promote accountability at all levels and branches of government.

#10 - Championing the People of Kansas
The Kansas Bill of Rights states: “All political power is inherent in the people…” (Kansas Bill of Rights, § 2.) We understand that the ultimate power in government rests with the people via their elected representatives. Therefore, we strongly support checks and balances, the separation of powers and following the Kansas Constitution with the priority of protecting the people’s liberty. We advocate for reforms to our judicial selection process so that judges are more accountable to the people of Kansas.