Founded in 2018, we have a very simple mission - "To be a voice for truth for the people of Kansas, and to elect principled, common-sense, transparent candidates whose words and actions match."

The Chair of the Kansas Truth PAC is Kasha Kelley. Kasha, a former State Representative, had a long career of standing up for conservative principles while in the legislature. Our endorsements are governed by a five-member board.

Our principles are definite and involve a wide range of issues that are frequently before the Kansas Legislature. Please view our principles by clicking here

We have also issued endorsements for the 2018 Primary Cycle in Kansas Legislative races. You can see our full list by clicking here. We will be making further endorsements in the fall.

To contact the Kansas Truth PAC, you can e-mail us at

The Kansas Truth PAC is affiliated with the Kansas Truth Caucus, which you can find by visiting The two organizations are governed by entirely separate boards.

Mailings and other independent expenditures of the Kansas Truth PAC are not paid for or authorized any candidate or candidate committee.